About Us

It is amazing that Mellongroup AG is celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. In 1999, Remo Meier founded the trust office as a one-man operation. Satisfied clients ensured that the company started to grow after only a short time. Today, the company has a team of twelve employees.

At Mellongroup, we write TRUST in capital letters, because trust is what turns several individual people into a team. The physician Helmut Hahn once said: Big goals can only be achieved together, because a good team is stronger than the sum of the strength of its members.

Our client is our top priority. That this is more than just a phrase is shown by the following fact: Many of our clients who have been with Mellongroup since day one are counting on our services still today. This is a great gift and shows that we respond to the needs of our clients and that our work exceeds that of an adequate trust company.